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4 Signs Your Elderly Loved One Needs Professional Assistance at Home

Where does your elderly loved one currently reside? If your elderly loved one is often left alone at home, you should consider their health and safety always. Your grandparent or parent might not have a sharp memory or quick senses anymore. And they are more vulnerable to natural disasters, accidents, health concerns, and human threats. Here are some of the signs that your elderly loved one will need professional assistance at home:

  1. Your elderly loved one’s health is at risk 
    The primary reason why other families ask for healthcare professionals to deliver home health care and other related services to their homes is due to their elderly loved one’s health being at risk. There are several health conditions that need to be monitored regularly. Seniors need help when it comes to taking their medications. They might need to go to the hospital and require help from a companion to understand medical terms and procedures.
  2. Frequent accidents happen 
    Your elderly loved one may encounter accidents at home frequently, varying in the gravity of the impact. Seniors may slip or fall in areas of their home or they may meet accidents while doing chores such as gardening, cleaning the bathroom, etc. They might even choose to drive their own vehicles even when their vision is no longer clear. In other cases, neighbors and strangers might trick the elderly into giving out money and other resources.
  3. Your elderly loved one feels very much lonely 
    As much as you want to be with your elderly loved one round the clock, you also have your own priorities to attend to, especially when you have your own children. Sometimes, seniors may not admit it, but they miss having people around them. They miss participating in the things they used to do when they were once physically active. Help prevent your loved one from suffering from the symptoms of depression and severe loneliness by engaging them.
  4. Seniors also have difficulties at home 
    By this, we mean that most seniors staying at home may find it difficult to deal with the household. They might even have difficulties in dealing with themselves, particularly in personal hygiene and meal preparation. Your elderly loved one may find it difficult to do the laundry, take care of the pets, or cleaning up the clutter at home.

By now, you should start observing your elderly loved ones and assess their true needs as they stay at their homes. CareMinders Home Care offers you high-quality non medical home care in Sun City, Arizona. Our healthcare services are centered on your preferences. We are committed to delivering top-notch care assistance that is aimed to improve the quality of our clients’ lives.

What do you think are other signs to determine if your elderly loved one will need professional assistance at home? Share your thoughts with us! If you also have inquiries about companion care services in Arizona, you may call us at 623-977-1002. You may also send us a message at

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