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5 Things You Should Know on Making Your Home Elderly-friendly

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Not all of us would want to put our elderly loved ones in retirement homes or allow them to live in congregate group housing. Some of us prefer to let our senior loved ones live with us. Other times, our elderly folk would insist on staying independent while living in their own homes. Before diving into either, there are a number of things to be considered in making a house elderly-friendly and greatly improving the quality of your home health care. Since our elderly loved ones are no longer as fully able and in full strength as they used to, these are important steps to follow in order to ensure their health, safety, security, and wellness.

  1. Fall, trip, and slip-proof Entrances and Exits
    Steps, unpaved house front paths, and elevated areas may cause serious injuries to your elderly loved ones. Make it easy for them to get in and out of the house with a cane, walker, or even a wheelchair.
  2. Make Bathrooms Accessible and Slip-proof
    A lot of accidents—even with non-elderly individuals—happen in the bathroom and your senior loved ones are more prone to these accidents. Make the bathrooms wide and easy to navigate. Handlebars on the walls and a curb-less walk-in shower can go a long way to prevent accidents.
  3. Design a Wide, Open House Interior
    Having a lot of furniture, decor, and other objects in the house limit the space for movement. Your elderly loved ones should have a wide space to move around, not just for mobility purposes, but for their eyes and memory to easily adjust to. Design or arrange the interior of the house to have an open design, allowing flexibility and freedom of movement.
  4. Put the Bedroom on the First Floor
    As mentioned earlier, steps and/or stairs can be quite dangerous, so having your elderly loved one’s bedroom a floor up is just an accident waiting to happen. Arrange sleeping quarters on the ground floor of the house.
  5. Get Trustworthy Home Health Care Help
    If you are not always around to supervise or assist your elderly loved ones, or if they are living in their own homes, it is important to get help from someone you can trust who will not only ensure your senior loved one’s safety and security, but can also lend a hand in their daily activities and personal tasks.

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