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Category Archives: Senior Care

Balanced Nutrition When Meal Prepping for Seniors

While proper and balanced nutrition is important to people of all ages, it is particularly important for adults in their senior years. Their body requirements differ from when they were younger as their bodies go through changes brought about by aging. They need more nutrients and less excess fat. This makes them prone to obesity … Continue reading

Importance of Good Personal Hygiene in Seniors

  On a daily basis, we interact with different people, visit places, or touch various surfaces, making us vulnerable to infection and other forms of communicable diseases. One of the most effective ways of protecting ourselves and our loved ones from illnesses is by developing good personal hygiene. Good personal hygiene habits include bathing, washing … Continue reading

How Keeping a Well-Lit House Helps Seniors

It isn’t beyond anyone’s knowledge that older adults develop vision issues. Majority of this comes as a consequence of another health condition that can’t be managed. A blurred vision, for example, is a common condition among diabetic seniors that can only be resolved if blood sugar is normalized. Low vision is also a prime cause … Continue reading

How to Avoid Depression for Seniors Living Alone?

A study shows that approximately 1-5% of American seniors suffer from depression even when they live in a community. This isn’t an alarming number, but the same study shows that it could go up to 13.5% when seniors are aging at home, whether they are receiving home healthcare help or are living independently. This is … Continue reading

Companionship Adds More Years to Your Loved One’s Life

If you live in a house without any companions, not even one, how do you imagine you would feel? Do you still think that you can call your house a home? There may be numerous things that can give you comfort like your comfortable couch, a TV with cable, or those shiny trophies of your … Continue reading

Why is Companionship Important for Seniors?

Proper diet and nutrition, a healthy amount of sleep and exercise, and a stress-free lifestyle can all benefit our overall health and well-being, especially as we grow older. However, did you know that social interaction is also important in maintaining a healthy lifestyle? Our elderly loved ones, most especially, can benefit a lot from being … Continue reading