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Challenges When Caring for a Senior With Anxiety

Challenges When Caring for a Senior With Anxiety

There are many reasons why seniors suffer from anxiety. In most cases, it can be caused by the changes that the senior are experiencing, such as changes in their quality of their life and degree of independence.

Some might feel that they are a burden to their children, even if no one in the family has said such a thing.

In any case, older people are so caught up with the physical, environmental and hormonal changes they experience that they become overly anxious and exhibit drastic swings of emotion.

Take note of these tips that can come in handy when you have a loved one suffering from anxiety.

  • Develop routines that can help them divert themselves from the source of their anxiety.
    These could include art lessons, book reading and music – all activities that providers of non medical home care in Arizona are more than equipped to provide.
  • Schedule time for simple exercises.
    These could include yoga, brisk walking or easy breathing exercises that can calm them down. By getting your loved ones home care, you will ensure that they are completely safe during their exercise routines.
  • Provide emotional support and companionship.
    If they want to talk, listen to them. Reassure them that everything is alright. Having a companion provided by a top-notch provider of home care in Sun City, Arizona can really change things.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at CareMinders Home Care. In addition to full time home care services, we also offer respite care for caregivers who need to leave their charges temporarily and take care of important matters.

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