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Companionship Adds More Years to Your Loved One’s Life


If you live in a house without any companions, not even one, how do you imagine you would feel? Do you still think that you can call your house a home? There may be numerous things that can give you comfort like your comfortable couch, a TV with cable, or those shiny trophies of your past achievements in your shelves. However, nothing still beats the company of a person.

Companionship plays a big role in both your physical and mental wellness. Having a genuine company around can make you feel calm, comfortable, and keep your mind positively stimulated. It can give you the motivation to perform your daily activities.

Seniors tend to get lonely at home because their family members are either at work or already living in their separate homes. If they do not feel well, they do not have anybody but themselves to take care of them. If they need someone to talk to, there are times that their phone calls will not be answered, or even returned. Eventually, they will stop calling, having given up on looking for a companion.

It can be dangerous when your senior loved one start to fall into depression due to loneliness because it can affect their mental and physical health. If their depression becomes chronic, then they may not live long.

As a loved one, you will want to take better care of your elderly for them to live a long life. Companionship and non medical home care in Sun City, Arizona are always available at CareMinders Home Care. Do not wait for your senior loved one to succumb to depression when you can hire a dedicated and compassionate caregiver to accompany them at home. When they have someone they can share their days with, it can add more years to their life.

Our caregivers can provide companion care services in Arizona for your loved one. Aside from doing the basic chores like housekeeping and preparing the meals, a caregiver can keep your elderly company by engaging them in one-on-one activities such as:

  • Board games like chess or scrabble
  • Storytelling
  • Hand and back massage
  • Fresh air stroll in the park

These are just a few of the many fun and stimulating activities a caregiver can arrange for your loved one along with assisting them with toileting, bathing, and grooming. Yes, our caregivers can provide home health care, too! We want to make sure that both their physical and mental health levels are on the top charts.

We still encourage you to find time to visit your elderly. Although caregivers can surely brighten your loved one’s day by being there for them daily, seniors will feel happier if they see their loved ones checking in on them. If you want, our caregivers can arrange a weekly group lunch.

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