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Five Tips to Help your Senior Loved Maintain their Personal Hygiene


As elderly people age, maintaining their personal hygiene habits can become more difficult. They may not have the energy or mobility to do basic tasks like grooming and bathing. But, good hygiene is vital to their physical and emotional health. Improper hygiene makes them vulnerable to infections and lowers their self-esteem. If you have a senior loved one at home and want to help them maintain their hygiene standards, CareMinders Home Care wants to share the following tips with you:

  1. Let your Loved One Follow a Routine

    Creating a schedule that your loved one can follow ensures that they perform their hygiene tasks every day. These tasks include combing their hair, brushing their teeth, and applying deodorant. Make sure they perform these tasks at the same time of day so they get used to the routine. A routine is especially beneficial for seniors who have dementia as it helps them overcome their anxiety.

  2. Ensure their Clean Clothes are Easily Accessible

    For many aging people, managing every movement and skills associated with dressing can be hard. But, they need to wear clean clothes every day. Choosing comfortable clothing and putting them in an accessible location can help your loved one maintain this aspect of personal hygiene. If your loved one lives alone, encourage them to change clothing in a seated position to prevent them from slipping or falling. But, things could be so much easier when a provider of Non Medical Home Care in Sun City, Arizona is assisting your loved one every day.

  3. Encourage them to Clean Themselves Regularly

    Older adults don’t have to take a bath every day as they are prone to dry skin. Showering or bathing in hot water on a daily basis could make their condition worse. In general, it is best for them to take a bath every 2-3 days. Consider creating a bathing schedule as this can give them reminders of their bath times. If your senior cannot take a bath by themselves, consider the assistance a caregiver from CareMinders Home Care can give them.

  4. Give them a Suitable Hairdo

    Your senior’s hair can speak of how well-groomed they are. Giving them a suitable hairstyle ensures that they can improve their self-esteem and make them feel comfortable. Hire a hairstylist to choose a hairstyle that’s ideal for your senior’s preference and is easy to care.

  5. Ensure their Nails are Always Clean

    It is easy for seniors to leave their fingernails and toenails to grow. However, neglecting such areas can make them develop painful and serious infections. Ensure their nails are clipped when they get too long. Also, file down those rough edges as they may scratch themselves unintentionally. To prevent fungal infections, ensure their nails are not damp.

    Aside from our companion care services in Arizona, we also offer personal care services that include personal hygiene. Give us a call today to know how home health care benefits your senior loved one.

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