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Health Tips for Seniors: 10-Point Guide for Family Caregivers


Family caregivers, how are your times with your senior family members? As a provider of non medical home care in Sun City, Arizona, we understand the burden of your responsibility. As your partners in giving care to your loved ones, here are tips that nurture your aging loved one’s health needs:

  1. Encourage them to stay active.
    Well, some seniors do need their doctor’s approval on this one. However, it doesn’t take away the fact that an active lifestyle is essential for seniors, especially as it helps improve their sense of balance, facilitates better sleep, and improves their mood.
  2. Ensure they’re eating healthy meals all the time.
    Don’t forget the healthy snacks, too. Their nutrition is very vital in managing chronic conditions, especially if they have diabetes, hypertension, and even obesity. You can even seek assistance on healthy meal preparation from providers of care services in Arizona.
  3. Monitor your senior loved one’s weight.
    They should not have more or less of what’s ideal for their age and their condition. Know how to compute the body mass index, so you can always be in check of what’s the right figure for your loved one.
  4. Strive to keep them away from fall accidents.
    As their age increases, their propensity to falling also increases. When you’re aware of this reality, you will be more mindful of assisting your loved one’s movements, securing your home from risks, and helping them achieve balancing skills.
  5. Ensure their immunization is updated.
    Seniors are already vulnerable as their immune system is declining. When their vaccines are up-to-date, they will have ready protection against vaccine-preventable diseases.
  6. Always go to doctor’s appointments.
    Whenever there’s an appointment with their doctors, go with them. You can’t afford to let them miss it as the information is essential in knowing how their health status currently stands.
  7. Participate in regular health screenings.
    These screenings can help you spot illnesses early on so that you can implement preventive measures or early treatment even before they spread.
  8. Take care of their dental, visual, and hearing health.
    These basic senses are also easily affected as the person ages. However, with early detection, their deterioration can be managed either with treatment or interventions.
  9. Watch out for skin cancer.
    Your senior loved one’s skin condition is getting more sensitive as they age, and their exposure to outside sunshine can easily result in cancer.
  10. Help them to manage stress.
    Sad to say, stressful situations don’t end even when a person approaches the golden years. Assist them towards practicing a relaxation technique, meeting with their friends, and doing what they enjoy doing.

Keep in mind that your senior loved one has unique needs. Hence, don’t compare them or their progress with other seniors their age. At CareMinders Home Care, we can work with you in meeting their specific needs, especially when you’re not around at the moment.

Do you think there are more tips you can add to this list? Comment below!

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