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3 Essential Diabetes Health Tips for Seniors

Diabetes is a chronic condition that requires careful monitoring and treatment. At CareMinders Home Care, a provider of non-medical home care in Sun City, Arizona, we have caregivers who can offer long-term care for diabetic patients. However, we believe that diabetic patients should still take an active approach when it comes to their health. This … Continue reading

Five Tips to Help your Senior Loved Maintain their Personal Hygiene

As elderly people age, maintaining their personal hygiene habits can become more difficult. They may not have the energy or mobility to do basic tasks like grooming and bathing. But, good hygiene is vital to their physical and emotional health. Improper hygiene makes them vulnerable to infections and lowers their self-esteem. If you have a … Continue reading

Why Seniors with Mobility Issues should Consider Home Care

For older adults with limited mobility, home care provides them the care they need in the comfort of their home. This allows them to stay independent and enjoy a good quality of life. Do you have a senior loved one with compromised mobility? Here’s how our Non Medical Home Care in Sun City, Arizona, can … Continue reading

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Maintaining Your Nutrition for a Healthier Life

As we get older, our metabolism will begin to slow down and our health will naturally decline. However, this is a process we can slow down through a healthy lifestyle that includes a good diet. Eating right is one of the most effective ways to maintain your youth and your independence; this is because it … Continue reading

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