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How Chemotherapy Works in Treating Cancer

How Chemotherapy Works in Treating Cancer

Chemotherapy has been the primary choice of treatment for cancer. Granted, it’s a highly aggressive form of therapy and is not without its side effects. However, it has also demonstrated its effectiveness as well.

Chemotherapy injects a “cocktail” of various medicines. These drugs have been designed to attack and kill cancer cells upon contact. Because it travels by blood, the chemotherapy cocktail can target cancer cells whenever they may be in the body in addition to the afflicted area.

This treatment is designed in such a way to address the rapidly dividing nature of cancer cells. These cells tend to break away from the original cell and travel to other parts of the body. Thus, doctors need a way to cleanse the entire body of cancer cells.

As mentioned earlier, there are side effects of chemotherapy. These include nausea, hair loss, and opportunistic diseases that prey on the body’s lowered immune system. These are caused primarily by chemotherapy inadvertently attacking otherwise healthy, but also rapidly multiplying cells like blood cells and hair follicles.

Patients are immediately advised to seek Home Care in West Valley for the duration of their recovery. They won’t be able to function normally in the first few weeks following the treatment because of the side effects.

Services for non medical home care in Arizona include companionship, monitoring medicine dosage and adherence, basic housekeeping, and personal care. These are the services that a patient recovering from chemotherapy, who is expected to be weak, need the most.

These can be rendered by family members, but respite care is also available in case these caregivers have an urgent personal need to attend to.

If you have questions, contact CareMinders Home Care, a leading provider of home care in Sun City, Arizona.

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