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How Keeping a Well-Lit House Helps Seniors

How Keeping a Well-Lit House Helps Seniors

It isn’t beyond anyone’s knowledge that older adults develop vision issues. Majority of this comes as a consequence of another health condition that can’t be managed. A blurred vision, for example, is a common condition among diabetic seniors that can only be resolved if blood sugar is normalized. Low vision is also a prime cause of accidents at home.

If your loved one at home is experiencing issues with vision, CareMinders Home Care urges you to keep your house well-lit. It’s a small act, but it makes a huge difference for our senior loved ones if we improve the lighting at home. As a leading provider of non-medical home care in Arizona, we strongly advise families to do this, so seniors can:

  • Avoid accidents.
    When your house has good lighting, seniors can see the path that they walk on. Even if your home is a little disorganized, good lighting will help, not only seniors but the rest of the family, to avoid slips or falls.
  • Reduce Eye Strain.
    In a poorly-lit home, you voluntarily strain your eyes to look for things, which is bad. Doing this may cause you a headache, too. For seniors receiving home care, know that constantly placing tension on their eyes may result in a faster decline of their vision. Additionally, a well-lit home is also good for seniors who love to read before going to bed.
  • Improve Their Mood
    Fall and winter are the seasons when people get less sunlight. These are also the times when people have less energy to go to their jobs or fulfill their responsibilities. A well-lighted home helps people, especially seniors, catch some light and have that energy to do their tasks. It improves their mood to get on with their day.

It’s surprising how a simple thing such as this can do so much for seniors in preventing accidents and improving health.

Furthermore, we provide home care in Sun City, Arizona and give sound health advice for local families. If you need help with health-related concerns, call or visit us.

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