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How to Avoid Depression for Seniors Living Alone?

How to Avoid Depression for Seniors Living Alone?

A study shows that approximately 1-5% of American seniors suffer from depression even when they live in a community. This isn’t an alarming number, but the same study shows that it could go up to 13.5% when seniors are aging at home, whether they are receiving home healthcare help or are living independently.

This is not an unpleasant picture for home care services. It is more about improving seniors’ quality of life by providing them a community living experience even at home, whether they live independently or not. A provider of home care in Sun City, Arizona can extend the same service.

For seniors living in the same home with their families, depression almost isn’t valid because of constant engagement. Additionally, there is a home care in Sun City West that can provide engagement whenever everyone goes to work during the day.

On the other hand, seniors living independently are at a huge risk. The likelihood of loneliness and isolation works like a magnet that pulls them toward the line of depression. It becomes worse if there are no interactions.

Let your senior parents feel how you are just at an arm’s reach when they need support.

How can you do this?

  • Visit Them
    Visiting them thrice or more in a week is good enough to establish close emotional support and connection. The more times you show your face personally, the more they take a step back from isolation.
  • If You Can’t Go to Where They Live, Call Every Day
    You don’t have to be with them on the phone for hours. A few minutes will suffice and will still have an impact. Use modern technology to let them feel your presence despite how far you are from each other.
  • Arrange a Care Service
    A non-medical home care in Arizona can help your senior parents on your behalf. If you can’t visit or call them, Care Minders Home Care will be your ally to provide constant care. Even when you go to work, you feel at ease that there are people who will take care of your loved ones.
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