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How to Make Your Living Room Safer for Seniors


Don’t you just love it when your aging parent is just within your access? You can see what they’re doing most of the time and you can come to their aid anytime when they request so. Additionally, in situations when you can’t personally be in their aid, you can always request for assistance from providers of non medical home care in Sun City, Arizona.

Believe it or not, many seniors also prefer to age in their own homes, where they always have regular access to their adult children and grandchildren, if any, and with the familiar sights of people and places in the neighborhood. The element of familiarity is always helpful in boosting a person’s emotional and mental health, especially in the aging season.

However, aging in place also requires for family members to work together to ensure the safety of our senior loved one at home. One of the risky issues common among the elderly is falling, and rightly so, as this incident can cause injury, disability, and even fatality. How do you ensure the safety of your aging loved one from falling at home? As a premier home health care provider we say, make changes as necessary.

In your living room, for instance, where they can languidly take their time talking with you and their friends, or doing their arts and crafts, you can implement safety measures such as the following:

  • Take out clutters 
    No matter how small these items are, such as shoes or toy parts, this can cause your granny to trip. They’re no longer as agile as they used to, so little things like this can already do great damage. So by all means, ensure that the living room floor is free of any clutter.
  • Replace furniture 
    Maybe your granny finds it hard to sit safely on the sofa seats. They might be in need of chairs with recliners that they can simply tilt forward if they want to sit down or stand up. This is making the life of your aging loved one easier at home.
  • Fix up loose rugs 
    These carpets and rugs are supposed to stick to the tiled floors, right? But there are certain factors which can cause them to curl up on the edges or just become loose. Be extra mindful of these loose ends as your loved one may slip because of them.
  • Put things accessibly 
    If your granny has a favorite item to use whenever they’re in the living room, make sure that they have easy access to it. Place it in such a way that when they move their hands to get it, they don’t have to exert that much of an effort.

At CareMinders Home Care, we partner with you in seeing to it that your elderly family member can be safe and well taken care of at home. Along with our companion care services in Arizona, trust us to provide the quality life your senior loved one deserves.

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