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How Vitamin C Works in Seniors’ Immune System

How Vitamin C Works in Seniors’ Immune System

We all need a boost in our immune system, especially during this global health crisis. There are a handful of ways on how to boost or improve your immune system and one of these is simple – drinking vitamin C regularly.

Vitamin C is a very important nutrient that impacts immune health, skin elasticity, and cardiovascular function. It is needed to help us ward off illness and maintain good physical condition. Hence, vitamin C is an essential vitamin for seniors. Family members or caregivers must supervise seniors in their intake of vitamins along with the administration of home care.

To senior health, vitamin C works a lot of benefits. Primarily, it enhances their immune health. As we all know, the immune system weakens with age, making older adults more susceptible to diseases. Thus, vitamin C will help their immune system function properly as it protects against deficiencies in seniors’ aging immune health. It likewise provides antioxidant protection, which shields white blood cells from free radicals. It has been shown in studies that insufficient vitamin C intake leads to oxidative stress, which occurs when free radicals damage the cells of the body and impair their function.

Oxidative stress, naturally, promotes the aging process, leading to clogged arteries, wrinkled skin, and other conditions that may lead to several health issues. Vitamin C also boosts cardiovascular health and increases iron absorption. Like our home care in Sun City, Arizona, family members must administer to their senior loved ones’ vitamin intake.

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