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Prepare Ahead: Knowing the Symptoms of COPD

Prepare Ahead: Knowing the Symptoms of COPD

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease or COPD refers to a group of progressive lung diseases that affects about 30 million Americans. Those with the condition have a higher risk of developing lung cancer and heart disease.

Despite the prevalence of this disease, about half of individuals who have this is unaware they have the condition. Slow development and the similarity of its symptoms to common ailments such as colds and other flu symptoms are some of the main contributing factors why they can’t detect the disease right away.

As your trusted home care in Sun City, Arizona, we at CareMinders Home Care want you and your loved ones to be always prepared. Fortunately, there are interventions you can take, beginning with quitting smoking, if you or your loved ones do, since tobacco smoking is the top cause of COPD, accounting for 90% of the cases in the US. The next intervention is being aware of the following symptoms and paying attention to its development.

  • Early symptoms:
    • Occasional shortness of breath
    • Mild but recurring cough
    • Clearing your throat often
  • Symptoms during the later stages:
    • Wheezing when exhaling
    • Chronic coughs
    • Frequent colds and other respiratory infections
    • Fatigue and shortness of breath from doing mild activities
  • Symptoms you or your loved one needs medical care:
    • Bluish or grayish fingernails and/or lips
    • Inability to talk
    • Feelings of confusion, faintness, and muddle-headedness
    • Intense difficulty in breathing

Need assistance? Our caregivers can provide you with respite care and other care in-home services for your loved one.

You may also discuss with your non medical home care in Arizona to help you with monitoring these symptoms in your loved one if you already work with one.

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