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Promoting Lung Care Among the Elderly

Promoting Lung Care Among the Elderly

Respiratory health isn’t usually discussed along with the other health issues common among the elderly such as dementia and heart disease. But it is crucial in aging well and is just as important as making sure your elderly loved one’s cardiovascular and cognitive function are kept in top form.

As your trusted non medical home care in Arizona, we at CareMinders Home Care recommend the following things you can do to help your senior loved one have healthy lungs:

  • Encourage them to stop smoking if they do. It’s never too late to stop and the effects of doing so are immediate.
  • Set them an appointment for breathing screenings along with their annual physical. Do this more frequently if they smoke. The results of the test will tell you about whether they need treatment or certain lifestyle changes.
  • Encourage them to exercise regularly. Doing so minimizes muscle atrophy in the chest and results in more fully opened lungs.

    As specific exercises for the lungs, deep breathing exercises are also a good idea to make sure that the alveoli or the air cells of the lungs stay healthy. Should you need assistance with personal care, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our home care in Sun City, Arizona.

  • Ensure they are up to date with their vaccines. The CDC requires seniors to have at least one dose of pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine (PPSV23) to fight off pneumonia.

All these said, as providers of non-medical in home care ourselves, we know that providing care is no walk in the park, so if you need a break from your labor of love, don’t hesitate to enlist our respite care providers to take over your duties for the meantime.

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