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Safe Homemaking Tips for Elderly Adults

Safe Homemaking Tips for Elderly Adults

Adults living independently, whether at the comforts of your own home or non medical home care in Arizona, might be prone to falls, burns, poisonings, and other accidents at home. Keep them safe at all times with these simple tips:

  • Remove hazardous materials
    May it be rugs, piled clutter, or old furniture, make sure to remove any potential hazards that might cause accidents. Create a more open environment like at CareMinders Home Care, a non-medical in home care that provides a safer and healthier atmosphere for your beloved elderly family members.
  • Keep a handy list of emergency numbers
    Seniors tend to easily panic in emergency cases. To prevent this, have a ready-made list of all emergency numbers, from the police to the fire department, posted in the most accessible area at home written or printed in bold letters, and can easily be read. For health-related issues, also include your senior loved ones’ physician’s number or the contact information of a home care in Sun City, Arizona.
  • Make sure all communal areas are well-maintained
    Whether your senior loved ones stay at home or receive respite care at a home care in Sun City West, make sure to monitor areas like the living room, bathroom, bedroom, and others. Check the areas from time to time to make sure that these areas are risk-free and ensure safety.

To provide a secure home for your elderly loved ones, visit us today to learn more about how we can help you with your needs.

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