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The Benefits of Eating Spicy Foods for Seniors

Spicy food and seniors seem like a bad idea and, even if it wasn’t, most would advise against the combination. But did you know that your elderly loved ones can benefit from incorporating spicy foods in their meals? You read that, right! At our non medical home care in Arizona at CareMinders Home Care, we … Continue reading

Promoting Lung Care Among the Elderly

Respiratory health isn’t usually discussed along with the other health issues common among the elderly such as dementia and heart disease. But it is crucial in aging well and is just as important as making sure your elderly loved one’s cardiovascular and cognitive function are kept in top form. As your trusted non medical home … Continue reading

3 Things You Should Not Let an Elder With Respiratory Problems Do

We all know how delicate an elder’s health can be. Unfortunately, they may have carried over some undesirable habits and lifestyles from when they were younger. Now, it’s a fact that these ways of life can actually threaten their lives in their older years, and one you should watch out for when you’re providing home … Continue reading

How Chemotherapy Works in Treating Cancer

Chemotherapy has been the primary choice of treatment for cancer. Granted, it’s a highly aggressive form of therapy and is not without its side effects. However, it has also demonstrated its effectiveness as well. Chemotherapy injects a “cocktail” of various medicines. These drugs have been designed to attack and kill cancer cells upon contact. Because … Continue reading