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Why is Companionship Important for Seniors?

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Proper diet and nutrition, a healthy amount of sleep and exercise, and a stress-free lifestyle can all benefit our overall health and well-being, especially as we grow older. However, did you know that social interaction is also important in maintaining a healthy lifestyle? Our elderly loved ones, most especially, can benefit a lot from being socially adept and a good way to ensure this is by having a companion.

What, you may ask, are the advantages of having a companion?

  • The risk for dementia in the elderly is diminished.
    Research in geriatric care over the years have shown significant benefits brought about by companions for the elderly. One such significant—and wonderful—benefit is a lower risk of dementia. This is because when seniors are interacting with other people and are engaged in lively and substantial conversations, their cognitive skills are functioning, and they are also able to express themselves emotionally, thus, enhancing memory and preventing dementia.
  • The risk for heart disease is reduced.
    Another advantage of having a companion for your elder loved one is a lower risk of heart disease. As they get older—especially when they are living alone—seniors will tend to suffer from social isolation, or just feel very lonely. Because they are no longer as active and vibrant as they used to, they may feel depressed. Emotions and feelings like these can cause major stress, and may even lead to coronary heart diseases or stroke. Having a companion/s around whom they can interact with and talk to can prevent these feelings of loneliness and depression. Your senior loved ones will be at ease, knowing that they have someone with them, while they can also be entertained and occupied, as they will have someone to play cards, board games, and puzzles with, and have a lovely cup of tea and friendly conversation with.

There are other benefits to be gained from getting a trustworthy companion for your elderly loved ones. It is important to remember that they have more needs than just home health care, and at their age, emotional and moral support are very essential to their day-to-day lives.

Of course, you can’t just hire anyone to accompany your elderly loved ones. You would have to make sure that these people wouldn’t do anything to harm your dear seniors, and would give them the proper care they need, with a compassionate heart. As an A+ provider of non-medical Home Care in Sun City, Arizona, CareMinders Home Care carries our responsibilities with quality level of service.

We are committed to providing top-notch companion care services in Arizona with a goal of enhancing and improving our clients’ lives. Our care providers are highly-skilled and well-trained in patient transfers, engaging in family communication, and providing personalized home care, among others.

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