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Why Seniors with Mobility Issues should Consider Home Care


For older adults with limited mobility, home care provides them the care they need in the comfort of their home. This allows them to stay independent and enjoy a good quality of life. Do you have a senior loved one with compromised mobility? Here’s how our Non Medical Home Care in Sun City, Arizona, can help them:

  • Get Assistance with Grooming

    Because of your senior loved one’s mobility problem, managing their own grooming habits can be difficult. Our caregivers offer them assistance with grooming including bathing and shaving. Whether they need help when getting in and out of the bathtub or assistance throughout the entire grooming process, our professionals ensure their hygiene and safety.

  • Maintain a Healthy Diet

    Even without mobility problems, some seniors may not be able to make nutritious meals for themselves. Health issues and loneliness could be other reasons for not doing this daily task. However, seniors need to eat balanced meals regularly to stay healthy and get the energy they need to get through the day. Professional caregivers from CareMinders Home Care would partner with their clients’ other healthcare providers to know which food to prepare for them.

  • Get Assistance with Moving

    Seniors with limited mobility may find it difficult to move from their bed to their wheelchair and vice versa. In fact, even changing seating positions may also be impossible for them to do without some physical assistance. Our caregivers make sure they can safely move from one place to another.

  • Enjoy the Companionship

    Because of seniors’ physical limitations, socializing may no longer be a possibility for them, especially if they live alone. However, regular socialization benefits seniors both physically and emotionally. Aging and their condition have already diminished their emotional health and isolating themselves from the crowd can only make their world go totally dark. Fortunately, our compassionate caregivers are more than happy to accompany seniors wherever they wish to go. Our Companion Care Services in Arizona ensure that seniors have a familiar face to interact with regularly which is necessary to boost their clients’ spirit and prevent isolation.

  • Ensure their Safety at Home

    Older adults need to take safety precautions; however, those who have mobility issues should maintain a safe environment. Slips and falls can result in serious injuries. Caregivers ensure that their clients’ homes are free of any clutter. They communicate with family members regularly to report their loved one’s condition, giving them the peace of mind they deserve.

  • Have Someone to Run Errands

    For many seniors, driving may no longer be a prospect. Because of this, caregivers may have to run errands for them. They can go to the grocery store, fetch prescriptions, or head to the post office to take care of what their clients need. This provides seniors with more time to focus on improving their health.

    Do you think home care and home health care are right for your senior loved one? Give us a call today!

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